SOLVED: The two outer lines not connected to the inside print

Recently I have a problem with my prints on the Vertex. The two outer printlines are not connected to the inside diagonal lines. Also the surface is not really smooth and there are very little wholes. In picture-3 you can see what I mention.


The printer setting has a nozzle seize of 0.35mm, the flow is 72% and the temperature is 190 degree and the heatbed is 60 degree. PLA is the only material I print.

Is there somebody who can tell me what my problem is?

I understand, this is a recent issue - you previously didn’t have this problem & you haven’t recently changed your settings?

Then you’re probably looking at a partially clogged nozzle, causing under-extrusion.

You can clean that out, by cleaning the nozzle with cleaning filament (for example, Rigid.Ink “Floss” - but there are others) or by using a suitable guitar string.

Hope this helps?

Thanks for the reply.
ohhhhhhh, I haven’t changed my settings since years. Partially clogged, I hadn’t thought about that.
I have ordered cleaning filament and will try when it arrived.
You mentioned a guitar string, I think it must be a 0.35mm one? I am not musical at all, are that special note strings?

I’m not a guitar player either - I haven’t got a clue which note it might be… :slight_smile:

But for the 0.35 nozzle, I’ve picked a 0.33mm string (if it helps: it says “Fender .013” on the packaging).

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You may need to inspect the nozzle itself to make sure the tip of the nozzle is not eroding
I think after awhile they break down.
If also looks looks like you have some warping as well. Is there a draft blowing on the project?

Thanks, Harry_D I will look for such a guitar string.

Wrong_Way the printed object was not warped but the loose outer lines may look like warping. But a draft is posible because with the current temperatures here, the window behind the Vertex is open for fresh air. I haven’t inspect the nozzle itself but after 3 years and 4-5kg fillament I expect no break down yet. But you never knows. I will look for it. Thanks.

You should try moving the printer or close the window before doing anything big.
Just my thoughts

I am busy trying to solve my problem with your advises.

During these action I noticed a different behaviour between the two extruders. During loading of the filament extruder 2 act normally (I believe) First fast loading, than a bit slower and the last part going inside the extruder, it is going with little steps and the filament is coming out of the nozzle. So far so good.
Extruder 1 acts different also fast, slower and stepping but after a short period of time of stepping the steppermotor also starts to retract the filament and then steps again for 1 second and than retract and stepping again… The flow out of the nozzle during the loading is less than with extruder 2.

Is there anybody who knows a solution for this behaviour of extruder 1?

I get the impression, you’re still looking at a partially clogged nozzle. There is really nothing that could cause the 2 nozzles to behave differently during such a standardized procedure as filament loading…

But loading filament with a partially clogged nozzle would look pretty similar to what you describe…

Hope this helps?

Harry_D you are totally right. This afternoon I got my guitar string 0.013" and the problem extruder was really problematic. But after many tries I succeeded and got the string through the extruder. After some carefully up and down movement I load the filament again and everything moves smoothly. Yes the retracting was gone and the testprint was PERFECT. So thanks, problem solved!!!

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Excellent, happy to hear it worked out!

Happy Printing! :slight_smile: