[SOLVED] Power issue


I have a question : How to use the EXT power for this shield ? I tried using 5 AA 1,5v LR6 batteries in the PWR but when I put the jumper on EXT my code is not working. It is only working when I use the INT power.

This is my little test code for one motor :

int pwm_b = 9; //PWM sur 9
int dir_b = 8; //direction sur 8

void setup() {
pinMode(pwm_b, OUTPUT);
pinMode(dir_b, OUTPUT);

void loop() {
digitalWrite(dir_b, HIGH);

analogWrite(pwm_b, 255);


digitalWrite(dir_b, LOW);

analogWrite(pwm_b, 255


Below is a photo of my connection :


Thank you in advance for your replies.


I only had a battery problem. thank you