[Solved] PCSGU250 and Linux

Hello all,
I’m trying to use my PCSGU250 oscilloscope with Mint 17 / Cinnamon 64bits.
It used to work well with XP but I had to change my old computer and now I choosed Linux.

1/ I tried first to use it with Wine, but unfortunately could not manage, as I read on several forums that nobody found the proper way. The software pclab2000lt runs on demo mode, but the blue light would never light up… So if anyone has a solution for that, I’ll take it, thanks in advance.

2/ Anyway I read that it was possible to make it run successfully with XP on VirtualBox . So I installed this (quite heavy) package. But I get the same issue: only Demo mode is OK but no blue light. When I install the driver (pcsgu250_winusbdrv2.zip giving when extracted : MCHPWinUSBDevice_v2.inf and 2 dir: amd64 & i386), I get the message :
“This device cannot start (code 10)”, although the hardware manager sees the device on USB .
Of course I tried to disconnect/connect a hundred times, tried to download the last driver from Velleman site, installed again, but no way.

So any solution would be very welcome, thanks.

Reading Gersei’s thread I am supporting his wish to have the possibility to install the USB scopes software also on
one or more Linux operating systems. There is a growing number of electronics designers who are no longer running their
computers using a version of Windows. So it must be of interest for Velleman to have software available for
at least one popular Linux system like Linux Mint or Ubuntu.
I also tried to run the software on Wine without success.

I read somewhere on this forum that this driver:

Version: is

is worth being tried; Could someone tell me from where I can download it ?

Thanks in advance

Got it !

the problem comes from the USB management on VirtualBox; for anyone facing this kind of problem, I would recommend this link: https://doc.ubuntu-fr.org/virtualbox, §4.6
After the installation of the extension package, you have to activate USB2 in the parameters of VirtualBox.
Launch XP, then USB available devices appear with a right clic on the usb icon on the VBox machine, under the WinXP window… You just have to select the Velleman …

So at the end of the day, the oscilloscope can run !!

Thanks. The above information was very useful.
I needed to replace an aging computer, and since many of my lab applications will not run correctly in Windows 10, I had to switch to Linux. I was successful getting my PCSGU250 working in Ubuntu. Here is the setup:
Computer is running Ubuntu 14.04, including Virtualbox + the matched extension package.
Inside Virtualbox I have an XP SP3 image running. It was critical to read that french Ubuntu wiki page above as installed Virtualbox did NOT allow USB devices to attach. What a pain in the neck. I have a single USB device assigned to that image - PCSGU250.
Things that did not work: Using an XP image pre SP3 (an original XP install CD). Also failed was using Windows 2K SP4.
Once I got past the setup hurdles for Virtualbox, the PCSGU250 ran first try in XP SP3.

Velleman - it would be nice for you to support native operation in Linux.