[SOLVED] MK164 and K8051


Some weeks ago I bought a MK164 and a MK162. Both kits worked nicely, with MK162 outside its case as the vendor sold me an incomplete kit. When the case arrived, I’ve accidentaly damaged the PIC trying to shorten up the space occupied by the components…

Afraid of having to go again through all the assembly for that small thing, I bought the K8051 kit instead which had nice instructions regarding lengths and sizes.

So, after the assembly, I have now a quite big problem… How do I change volume with k8051? None of the channels removes MK164 from the initial mute. I’ve checked and k8051 is working, the IR works, the channels work nicely also, but nothing happens.

MK164 worked before and nothing changed, so what am I missing?


PS: I live in Portugal, so english is not my mother language, if anything isn’t clear, please tell me so that I can rephrase it better.

Normally, address one, channel1 & channel2 should control the volume.


none of the channels work, in neither of the 3 addresses. can it be the power source of the mk164? i am using a 9v battery (the square ones). at least it was working with mk162, so i don’t think that’s the problem. what is the voltage supposed to be in the IR led with channel 1 addr 1? mabe i can test it with a multimeter.


Check K8051 operation with digital camera.
Check if MK164 IR demodulator gets +5V.
If the problem persists, return both kits for inspection.

Found the problem.

When I bought MK164 the seller told me I could use a 9v battery, but I’ve rechecked now and its output was starting weaken.

I’m going to buy a normal AC adapter to guarantee stable input to the kit.

Thanks for everything :slight_smile:

You can close the thread now, I guess.