[Solved] Hot end thermistor cable


While replacing a clogged nozzle one of the cables for the thermistor (i think) came loose from the hot end block but I can’t find out how to put it back in place correctly. Could someone advise me on this please or point me to the manual.


Hello !
Based on your message history, you are asking for a K8800? therefore the documentation and manuals can be found at: Vertex Delta 3D printer (K8800 and HKDELTA3D) - Whadda - Manual Platform - Category
like in
4. Replacing the nozzle
you may have a good view

Blockquote Step 11: Connect the wires from the heatblock and the thermistor back in the green connectors. There’s no polarity so you do not have to pay attention to that. The left connector is for the heatblock, the right one for the thermistor.

My tips : Put a red (or what ever color you have) mark with an indelible marker on the terminal block/connector for the heatblock.


Thanks for the quick reply.

It is a K8800 but the cable has come loose from the hot end block not the screw terminals.


After I took the hot end block apart I realised that the cable had detached itself from the tiny amount of solder on the thermistor. I’ve now soldered it back onto the thermistor so hopefully this will resolve the issue.


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