Software for K8055


I’ve just purchased a K8055 card and I’m trying to learn how to use it using C language and Visual C++ 2005.

I’m looking for very basicaly C or C++ software applications, like flashing LED or chenillard.

Thank you.

Please go to the Velleman downloads site and download these files.
There are the latest DLL and example programs written in VC++.

[color=blue] [/color]
New DLL (rev 3.0.2) file for K8055 & VM110, with Windows Vista support.
Also special Microsoft VC++ version and executable examples.
[color=blue] [/color]
DLL rev 2 with examples and soure code (this source can be uses also with DLL Rev 3.)
Graphical DEMO in Visual Basic with soure code
[color=blue] [/color]
Software example for VC 2005

Hello VEL 255

Thank you for replying.
I’ve already downloaded all files you indicate and tried to use them.
I had got some difficulties because I’m a beginner and I didn’t find any tutorial for this.

I want to realise a simple project: flashing LED

I 've put :

  • K8055D_C.dll in Windows/system32
  • K8055D_C.h in HEADER FILES directory (VC++2005)
  • K8055D_Lib in project directory.

I hope to ask you about functions of DLL which be used in main.cpp file.

Thanks a lot.

Have you succeeded to compile any of the example projects?
If Yes, then you may try to modify those.
If No, then you have to study the use of the compiler.
Have you used DLL functions in your VC++ projects?

Hello Vel 255

Have you succeeded to compile any of the example projects?
If Yes, then you may try to modify those.


I’ve done my first (very) basicaly project today using OUTPUT.Cpp file.

Thanks a lot.

Congratulations! Now you can easily continue and put the K8055 card to do what ever you want it to do…

Hello, if you want a chenillard you can try my soft (VBnet)

It’s free, whitout bug and work’s whit two cards.
The code are open if you want’it. :wink:


Hello dn

Many thanks :slight_smile:


I’ve bought a vm110 board and have downloaded VC++2008 but I’m having difficulties in creating my own project.

I must admit that I’m new to C++, I have only used C

I can open the K8055 project and run it, changing the text inside the cpp file with success but whenever i try to create my own cpp file I can’t get the correct h and lib files in the right place for it to work.

Are there any less complex example programmes available for me to follow through? The flashing LED example previously mentioned is the type of thing I’d like to achieve to start with.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!!