Software feature suggestions

I have some suggestions for features in the software, I have only used the Windows software so not sure if similar in the tablet applications.

It would be useful to be able to export data from one screen frame into a comma separated file (.csv) so could be used with microsoft excel, and also export data for longer time periods for data logging (eg. up to 24 hours at 10 minute intervals).
It would be useful also to allow screen capture (.bmp or .jpg) direct from the software.

For the voltage range and timebase change, a drop down list would be preferable as it is quite slow to change with the up/down buttons.

Thank you for your suggestions, we will keep them in mind for the next update of the pc software

Exporting data is a bit tricky since you can change the timebase and other settings while recording. This would need to be reflected inside the log file.

Thanks for the reply.
It would be best to use the hold function first before exporting data.
I think it would be more simple if exporting data is only allowed when on hold and settings have not been changed for one frame.

It would be good to be able to store and load settings, this type of feature used a lot in automotive work.