SMD thermistor broken


I am just assembling a K8200 printer and after soldering the little SMD thermistor to the heatbed, the thermistor was a little bit skow. So I tried to press it down with the soldering iron and it got broken now!.
Along with the printer kit, I also bought the extruder upgrade K8203. During assembling I immediately installed the extruder K8203 and not the original one coming with the kit… I have seen that in package 31 with the original extruder parts is included a ntc thermistor which will not be needed anymore. It is a normal one and not smd thermistor,
Could I use this ntc thermistor from the original extruder as a replacement?
I would simply cut the pins from the thermistor so that it has abouth the lenght of the smd thermistor and solder this one instead of the SMD thermistor?



Hello @mk2209,

Sorry to read that another K8200 user is in trouble.

You risk finding yourself in the same situation, because the NTC thermistor of the head is also very fragile, moreover you risk a short circuit as it is more voluminous and risks being in contact with the support tray. And you will probably have to add a thermal contact material to ensure a good measurement of the bed PCB temperature with it.

But the choice is yours.

As a precaution, always disconnect the machine from the mains power supply (and USB ) to avoid toasting components when connecting / disconnecting elements on the board. (especially for step driver, and thermistor.)

Also be very delicate with the micro USB socket of the card, I accidentally tore it off and I had to solder a USB cable to be able to fix it …

In another subject, but not for CNTs, If you are starting with the K8200, I found some good advice on
Edit 2 : Also be careful, the step motor driver vref for the K8203 does not have the same vref as for the others (see K8400 vref for that)

Edit : Arduino IDE v1.0.6 is the version to compile and upload K8200 velleman firmware ( as it is based on a marlin v1.1 )

Hope you find the solution, have a nice day !