Small prints, won't fill everything in

My printer sometimes leaves a gap between the outline and when it’s filling it up with plastic, the picture does a much better job at explaining the problem.

This usually happens with smaller prints.

Anyone know what causes this and if there’s a fix for it?

Try setting the infill overlap parameter to 10%. And check the sliced object layer by layer to see if there’s no gap between the infill and the shell. You can also modify the shell thickness to get a better result (by steps of 0.1 or 0.2 mm).


Changed the infill overlap to 10%, and got this result:

Which honestly seem to be even worse, could be because this model is slightly smaller aswell.

Will continue playing around with the settings, doing more test prints!

It looks like you’re not extruding enough filament.

What is the size of the flake? Is it sliced correctly in the cura preview (with the layers correctly filled)?
What temperature and % flow do you use?

the snowflake is about 8-10cm.
Here’s an image of the slice:

I use 210°C and print using PLA, the flow is at 90%