Sluttery Infill First Layer half

I do have a question.

I printed a bole with 0.3mm layer height. nozzle distance is 0.2mm
The first half of the circle was infilled very sluttery, than as you can see the second part was filled perfectly and with super quality.
What could be the issue there? Flow? Temprature?

The print was printed over a OctoPi

Thanks for help

[quote=“crzdg”]What could be the issue there? Flow? Temprature?[/quote]Or the bed not flat enough…

[quote=“crzdg”]I printed a bole with 0.3mm layer height.[/quote]You’d better not try to print with layer heights greater than 0.2 mm. 0.3 mm is almost the diameter of the extruded filament so it won’t be squeezed correctly on the previous layer and won’t stick.

I used those settings:

0.3mm layer high
190 degree
80% flow on first layers
72% flow on layers

Another reason for the filament not sticking on the bed is that it is greasy. Try cleaning it with alcohol.
And use 0.2 mm layer height. Check the nozzle-bed distance on various places. Better having the nozzle a bit too close than too far.
Decrease the first layer flow only when you’re sure you’re overextruding.