Slic3r: Parts of objects missing

When i load some models which consist of several objects (for example the Gyro Cube: there are some parts rendered in green (normally all is rendered in magenta) and after running Slic3r the green parts are missing in the rendered Slic3r output, and of course they are also not printed. In case of the Gyro cube, the smallest sphere is missing.

I’m using Repetier V0.90C, and the Slic3r version which comes originally with this package (Slic3r 0.9.9-dev).

I found nothing in the config settings where i could change this…

Is this a bug, or is there a special trick for handling such models ?

Has nobody tried to print the ‘Gyro cube’ ?

I have the same behaviour.

I have already had this problem with an other model, but I never found how to do to solve that.

Perhaps somebody can tell more about this problem ?

The STL file needs to be “manifold” to be interpreted by the slicer correctly (all normals facing the right direction, no overlapping vertices, …)

You can automate this process by uploading your model to this website:

It will repair the model and you will be able to download it again.


I have already use, but the result was the same

This works for me:


I have already use, but the result was the same[/quote]

Ok, I found the source of my probleme in my side, this one comes from export to .stl file function of sketchup.