Skipped layers K8800

Afther printing with my velleman K8800 for a few years i start to have some skipped layers. Any tips on how to avoid this?


Hello @Human
by skipped layers, do you mean under extrusion or layer shifting or something else ?
Have a nice day !

At work at the moment. But looks like he didn’t print one layer. Something like this picture

For me the picture you linked is under extrusion.
So posibly :

  • partialy obstructed nozel (check by mesuring the diameter of the extruded filament)
  • extrudeur default (slip of the filament …)
  • flow too low ( slicer setting )
  • printing temperature too low for the used filament ( slicer setting or defective temperature sensor …)
  • bad quality filament reel , the filament diameter lower than 1.75mm or not constant

But on a delta … you have to also check the head movements … the rod free sliding, …

Hoping you will find the solution, have a nice day !

Edit : it was due to a bad cable protection causing short cut (creating false temp. drop under 170°C stopping the extrusion) of the temp. sensor cables … as i get it from an other post of human … see : Temperature jumps up and down

Hello Human,

It looks like under extrusion indeed.

Check that the fillament extruder pulley is tightened securely on the extruder stepper motor.
Check that the set screw of the fillament pulley is tightened securely.

See the extruder assembly manual for this

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Velleman Technical Support

Thanks for the reply. Problem was the heater sensor, fixed now. But good to know…


Thanks for the feedback.

Nice to hear you found a solution.

Best regards,
Velleman Technical Support