Simple TTL control with the K8055/VM110

Ok, I did search for this first, but either I didn’t understand the answers or they seemed to over complicate the issue…

I want to control a board that accepts 5V TTL signals. Am I right that this is what the board is essentially designed for or does the “open collector” concept require modifications or external power to achieve this?

Can I simply connect the ground pin of my other board to the ground of the 8055 and the control pins to the digital outputs of the 8055 ? Or am I missing a trick here… the only illustration in the manual shows how to use relays, which isn’t what I’m trying to achieve here.


If you have a real TTL logic then it should work if you connect it as you described.
It may be better anyhow to put pull-up resistors (e.g. 4k7) between the digital outputs of the K8055 and the +5V of your TTL logic circuit.

thankyou, much appreciated!