Shifted Layers

I just got a Vertex printer (K8400, 1nozzle) but i’m struggling with shifted layers.
The printer prints as it should be, starting with the 1 layer. But it always goes wrong when the printer has to accelerate from one side of the object to the other side to complete the 2nd part of the infill.

The support inside the part goes perfect (no big accelerations).

Picture of the shifted layers:
(On the right side of the part, there should be a hole. This is an indication to locate the shifted layers).

I’ve already tried a lot:
*adjusting belt tension
*Vxy jerk =10

Can someone help me :slight_smile:
PS: I haven’t had time to adjust a few parameters for the quality. I just want to print a complete part in the first place.

I’ll presume that you’ve already oiled the rods going to the print head with sewing machine oil, and that things appear to move around pretty smoothly for the hot end.

If you’re able to get it to print, I’d recommend checking your rail alignment with the tool from thingiverse…

Slacken off the grub screws that hold the belt gears against the shafts, and then with an alignment tools clipped at each end, tighten them again. This will ensure that everything is parallel and should help keep the travel smooth.

If you’re still having problems, then measuring the stepper driver current settings is a good idea too. IIRC, they were set to around ~1.6V on my machine by default.

Hope that helps.


You should look in this link.
A lot of good information here