Sharing custom MADLAB cases

For who it may concern, i am sharing my designs of madlab cases.

For 9 madlab kits i have designed a case as you can see in this playlist, i am also explaining the use of the design and the kits in the dutch language. You can let youtube transate the subtitles. (most of the times the AI does the correct translation)

The cases are for

  • Telegraph
  • Theremin
  • Whack a mole
  • Alien
  • Mr wonky
  • 123 game
  • E-lock
  • bagpipe
  • mr robot

Each design is listed in the description

In the future some cases shall recieve an update, and other madlab products also shall recieve a custom case. This is a task i give my STEM students, a nice combination between engineering, elektronics, handyworks, …