Settings in Cura

Would someone using Cura and two printer heads be willing to share their settings? (As long as you are pleased with them of course…)

I would like to try Cura, why stay with Repetier now that I got it to work quite well :wink: But what’s the fun if you can’t have new challenges… So I thought I’d try a shortcut to a fast start.

I’m on a Windows machine if it makes any difference. I’m especially curious about the settings regarding the heat and bed-size, but the more data the happier I would be.

Any other suggestions/help that you can think of is appreciated.


I maybe should make it clear that I’m interested in the actual program Cura, not the settings in Repetier that uses Curas engine to make the code…

Please share your Cura profile. How did you import the settings ?

Sorry, but I don’t understand what you mean, could you be more specific?

Just to make sure; I’m asking about the program that I linked to in my first post, not the cura-slicing settings in Repetier software.

But if I can help I will gladly do that :slight_smile:


No worries,
The answer is here