Sending email error

I want to email smtp

SMTP Server
user name :
password :123456

not working messag
sending email error

gmail needs secure email. the VM201 does not have that feature.
however we are working on a new product which does have it.

How spelled his way to activate Email

[quote=“ameerco.go”]How spelled his way to activate Email[/quote]I’m sorry, these words don’t make sense…

Ok but which email provider can we use then?
Most of them use SSL

Is this problem already solvec in the vm201

Is it possible to use gmail e mail accounts with the vm201?

This isn’t possible with the VM201 due to hardware limitations.

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What’s the solution on this topic

  • can you recommend an email Provider who doesn’t use SSL or TLS?
  • when is a new hardware release available?


The VM204 is capable of doing this.

Wow that’s fast .-) now I used

Which uses port 25 without SSL or TLS (checked settings with normal mail client) but with the 201 i get the error - Sendung E-Mail error… why it doesn’t work?!

@support: any Updates?

can you post a screenshot of your settings?