Second nozzle

Got a problem with my second extruder:
i try to print from the left one, but my vertex insists on the right extruder.
Both are loaded with PLA. I assign the object to the extruder 2, slice it.
Both are enabled in the manual control of Repetier-Host.
Both are heating, display shows me rising temperature.
Curiously the pc shows me left extruder staying temperature rather low, Vertexdisplay shows both rising about same rate.
printing starts on the right nozzle when 210 C is reached.
After loading the second filament for the first time, i printed a testobject of two parts, using both. Printed well.
Now i wanted to use only the left one, but this crazy machine denied.
Any Idea?
Thanks a lot.

To use the left extruder alone, you must choose “Vertex single head” in the Printer Configuration of Repetier (Slicer tab).

Thanks a lot, that solved my problem!

I tried the single head and it worked but I thought that it was incorrect to do so.
I thought I could use dual head and mix colours but that is not the case then?
BR Kim

If you want to print with both and switch colors like the bracelet you need to slice it with the dual extruder profile and select for every piece which extruder you want to use.

Kind regards

i have a issue , when i want to start a print job with 2 extruders . when i start the second one does not heat up . and de feeder doenst work in a print job .

Have you read this? It helped me…