Search kit HOT8400/SP (out of stock?)

Hello, I am looking to buy the kit HOT8400/SP.

It is impossible to find the kit on the Internet, all the websites display out of stock can you help me.

Thank you

I’m afraid that Velleman has stopped production of this kit. (but I do not know…) (@VEL450 have you a clue ? Thanks)
(Last year I ordered one for ~60€ in January on ( But HOT8400/SP is no longer referenced to date) it took 9 months to arrive…)
I tell myself that we will have to look at the solutions to mount an E3D head on our K8400 "k8400 e3d" 3D Models to Print - yeggi if we want to be able to continue using them…
Or possibly open a ticket on Customer Care Velleman and ask.

Thank you for keeping us informed


Due to adjustments in our warehouse, the spare parts for 3D printers are currently not available on the website. We are doing everything to put it back for sale on our website soon.

In the meantime, you can open a ticket for a spare part request on our customer care platform.
Customer Care Velleman

Best Regards,
Velleman Support

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