Schematic for VMA412 touchscreen?

I’m trying to use the Velleman VMA412 2.8" touchscreen with an Arduino UNO, but am not having much luck. Most of the example projects included on the product webpage don’t work, and I can find very little information about the board online. Would it be possible for Velleman to provide a schematic for it?

I have been messing around with the VMA412 and all of the examples do work.
Did you install the libraries?
What kind of error are you getting?

Thanks for the reply! I did install the libraries, and was trying to use the paint example. The error I was receiving was “Unknown LCD driver chip”, although weirdly when I set it back up this morning it actually worked. I will try the other examples later and see how it goes.

I would still like a copy of the schematic for it though, even if I do get the examples working, as it would be very useful when writing my own software for the screen.

No problem
I don’t have the schematics however if you go through the examples and look at the documentation in this link it will tell you what pins you need.

Thanks for the link, I did find that page but the problem is that the pinout in the user manual doesn’t actually seem to agree with what is used in the examples. For example, the resistive touch uses pins A2, A3, 8 and 9. These are labelled as LCD_RS, LCD_CD, LCD_D0 and LCD_D1 so they should be being used by the TFT driver instead. Not really sure what it is doing to be honest!