Sample Code/Programming Reference and Connections - Non Exisitent!


VMA05 instruction sheet says sample code is available at Velleman BE. This redirects to Velleman EU. There, the site leads me to sample code at Velleman US. This turns out to be a dead link.

Also, when the shiled is stack onto an Arduino UNO, the +3.3V, +5V, and Ground are blocked off by the shield’s pins. Where on the shield do I get these connections? The instruction sheet makes no reference whatsoever to them.

Bottom line, I don’t need a lot of guidance. Just some. None whatsoever is not the answer. Please help!


Indeed, the link on manual is not correct. Thanks for the feedback.

The link should be:
scroll to download for sample code:

On the other hand, The sample codes for VMA / KA modules are moved to our GitHub page.
We will update manual with the correct links.

For The VMA05 or KA05, You can find the sample code here:


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