Rolling Dice MK150 help

Hey Guys,

I have a problem with the MK150 shaking dice. I know the software can’t be wrong so it must be a mechanical or a soldering problem. The problem in general: The dice is just rolling one number, like always a 2 oder a 4.

I checked the soldering and there is no problem. The screws/connection between the lower and upper deck are tightened.
I also checked the angle of the switch and it should be correct because of the pin on the switches side.

Could the problem be the “shaking” of the dice? Like if you are to rude it’s behaving like that? In my oppinion the programm starts when you change the switch, that’s it. I can’t find out the problem?


You could post some pictures of the top and bottom of the boards.
Maybe someone could spot the problem.

our cube always rolls the number 3. we have built a second cube, also with this one we always get the value 3. what could be wrong here. Thank you very much!

It would be hard to say without being able to see it.