Robotic arm KSR-10 or C-9895?

Robotic arm KSR-10 or C-9895?
I have bought a Robotic arm, but I have seen in internet that there are two models of this arm: KSR-10 but also C-9895. Now I want to buy the USB kit to link it to a PC and program, but I do not know which model I have, KSR-10 or C-9895.
I bought it with the trademark “Its magical” from Imaginarium, and for this reason there is no indication in the box about which model is.
How can I find out which model I have? What USB kit should I buy for the robotic arm?
Thanks in advance.

If you have bought it from Imaginarium, it is most likely not a Velleman KSR-10.
Anyway, it is possible that both products are identical.