RIAA Preamplifier kit K2573

How can I modify this kit for ceramic cartridge
1 volt output
1 mega ohm impedance

Sorry, we have no experience with a ceramic cartridge.

I used ceramic cartridges back in 70-s, and if I remember correctly, they needed no corrector and could plugged directly into amplifier line input.

Instead of:

Technical data:

Input impedance: 47k
Input signal: 5 to 10 mv

I need:
Input impedance: 1m
Input signal: 1v

I need the equalization not the level boost.

Yeah, this is true. In the eighties we solved this by “loading” this cartridge by means of a 10 K or lower resistor so the output went down dramatically. It gave even a smoother sound also.

I also seem to remember that loading a ceramic cartridge with 47 K was a stating point . This also transforms the response to near that of a magnetic . One can then play with less or more loading ( 10 K to 100 K ? ) . The area of doubt is the plateau region between about 500 Hz and 2 kHz which will be slightly out ( between 318 uS and 75 uS filters ) . It is possible to reconfigure the pre amp without RIAA correction if preferred .

The output of a ceramic cartridge is based on the amplitude of the stylus’ movement, not it’s velocity as with magnetic cartridges–therefore no equalization is needed. The issue of loading the output of one with 10 kΩ was to reduce it’s output amplitude as as to be compatible with moving magnet inputs, it did not affect the cartridge output’s response curve.