RH V1.0.6 'Out of video memory'


I recently switched from a Radion HD7770 (1 gig GDDR5) to a GTX 1060 (6 gig GDDR5). After the change, I keep getting the message ‘Out of video memory’ with RH V1.0.6. Since I changed from 1 to 5 gig I suspect that instead of used the dedicated graphics, the software used the built-in graphics.

I tried reinstalling the software and my drivers, but nothing seems to help.

Does anyone have any idea what might cause this issue and how to solve it?



I know there’s an issue with Repetier and the latest nvidia driver.
I think there’s a temporally fix by adjusting the model quality.
Go to Configuration=> Preferences => 3D Visualitation.
There you can configure the drawing options.

This is something we can’t resolve on our own you could contact Repetier about it.

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