Resonance, I try to upload the image

To make my problem more understandable, here is extra information.
The resonance was in horizontal direction, after a few millimeters height printed , suddenly the head was very fast and vibrating.

Now I try a different file, with a low speed and large steps en with small dimensions. First the feed of material was good, but now it is minimal.

What can I do? Thanks in advance, Gerard Roddeman

before i broke my printer i had found the stepper motor chips (boards) that are on the printer board needed to be ‘tuned’ to stop that on mine.

i broke mine by upgrading firmware and having power go out midway … still working on fixing it

Does this happen to all prints at about the same place?
Did you check the pulley on the extruder motor to see it it was tight?
Is the nozzle cooling down when this happens?

Oeps! The disconnection of the rods was caused by the running over the edge of the bearing by one belt repeatingly. Although it was mounted according to the instructions. I thought it was the other way around.

The problem was solved by a wedged washer between profile and nut, giving the bolt a positive slope.