Replacement Print Head / Hot End


i have had my Vertex Delta for about 2 years now and I have managed a half a dozen or so successful prints.
One of the last times I was trying to fix it I completely messed up the printer head. I cannot find a replacement on the Veleman website.

Is there another print head you can recommend for me please? I would dearly love to get this printer working, at the moment it’s just a very large paperweight.

Thank you

Hi Ben

Look here

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This is solid gold…thank you Tom.

this i got from Velleman in June!:

Due to adjustments in our warehouse, the spare parts for 3D printers are currently not available on the website. We are doing everything to put it back for sale on our website soon.

In the meantime, you can open a ticket for a spare part request on our customer care platform.
Customer Care Velleman

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Velleman Support