RepetierHost not really printing sometimes

Hi, I noticed two times already that my printing was not really working.
Let me post more details:
After slicing I’m starting the print. The bed heats up, then the axis homing starts. Normally after this, the Head goes up, but in this case, it stays at 0,0,0 positions. Then RepetierHost starts draw on screen, how he is printing (and he appears to print at great speed, so I suppose, he gets the ACK signals), but none of the axis move. After first two layers the fan is switched on, like it would normally print.
The only way to really print after such a behaviour is, to stop printing and switch the power off and on. This never happened yet in middle of the printing.
Previously this never happened (I’m a early adopter and was one of the first customers who ordered thie K8200), and now he did it two times in two days.
Is the Board dieing? Okay, I will upgrade soon to RUMBA Mainboard and Diamond Nozzle, but I still need to print some parts before changing. Has anyone encountered such a problem before?

Okay, looks like the problem has not occured since days, so I assume, its okay now.