Repetier reports much to high temperature for heatbed

Repetier shows a temperature of about 114 degrees for my heatbed, when it’s actually 18-19 degrees. I have diconnected the NTC resisor an measured the resistance, which is about 110k ohms in room temperature (is this sane?). Ive tried to reinstall repetier and reset the board but the problem persists. I dont really know how to continue searching for the problem, anyone who can give me some leads? Can it be that the electronics are broken?


Does the readout change in a linear fashion when you heat the board, or does it remain on 114 degrees at all times?

When I heat the board to approximately 50-60 degrees the temperature shown in repetier raises only a few degrees to about 120 degrees… so some sort of contact with the mainboard there is.


What resistance do you measure at room temperature, but at the connector (disconnected from the driverboard)?

I meassure about 119 kOhm at the connector (disconnected) and about 111 kOhm at the resistor in a room with 18 degrees.

So the wiring adds 8KOhm to the total resistance?
There is definately a problem with the wiring/connection/soldering…

Ive done some more testing and is almost sure there is something bad with the surface mounted resistor. Is it possible to order a few of thoose somewhere?