Repetier problem

My printer communicate with PC (WIN Vista). I can set the XYZ to zero with out a problem. I can open heaters for table and extruder and fan. But when I try to print something it heats up the bed and extruder and lost the communication with printer. I have tried Repetier 0.84 (didn’t even open with Vista), work with 0.90 same, 0.95 same, 1.03 same. I don’t know what to do. I am really dissapointed with that :frowning:

Please help. Is there any suggestion for different software?

I’m not sure but you can try cura.
It should work with direct printing.
Hope it helps.


I’m not sure because my printer runs standalone.

Hi thank you very much for your suggestion. I found my problem. It was long USB cable. I change it now it is not work perfect but at least it works.

Glad you found an solution!
Long USB cables can cause dataloss.