Repetier Host 1.0.6 echo problems

I have installed Repetier-Host version 1.0.6, and use it now for a few weeks.
But i have a problem when i mannually will send commands.
I can send the commands, but i can not see the results.
I have highlighted the echo button.

So when i send for example command M501, I dont see the results.
But i can do some settings for example M500, M206 Z0 ect.

Does anybody know what the problem might be?, or is it a bug in repetier Host?

nobody with the same problem?

Have you clicked on " Toggle Log " at the top of the screen?
It shows a log at the bottom of the screen with echos on.

I have clicked the echo button, but i can not find a “Toggle Log” on any of the screens?
i think i have overlooked.

Can you describe on which screen i can find it?

Hi, top left of screen, you dont need to open up anything.

Connect - Load - Save Print - Start Print - Kill Print - [color=#FF0000]Toggle Log[/color] - Show Filament - Hide Travel

It wasn’t there in V0.8.4.

Yes, what stuppid of me.
All the time in sight, and never seen this.