Repeter-host 0.90c

hello is that sb can explain to me how to use the latest version of repeat-host with the printer, I tried but could not connect with imprimmante Version 0.90c


You need to install a driver before using the printer. You can see on this manual link how to do :

The driver works well it recognizes the printer on COM6 and works perfectly in Repeat-host 0.84, the question is how to make it work in Repeat-host 0.90c?

The correct software is called Repetier-Host. Do you get any kind of error or message when you try to connect? Is Repetier configured for the correct COM port?

Instructions for Repetier-Host 0.90C can be found here:

Fill in the correct COM port when following the instructions

ok it’s work fine now with your configuration, thank you very much !