Repair service for PCG10/K8016

Is it possible to have my PCG10/K8016 function generator repaired?
As an alternative, does a troubleshooting guide for that device exist?
Thanks a lot.

Hello @mevang ,

We don’t have a troubleshooting guide for this function generator.
But maybe you can continue with the illustrated assembly manual with schematic included.

There is always a possibility to return the function generator to the store where it was purchased for RMA procedure. This can also be done with a cost estimate.

further more info:

User manual pcg10 / K8016
Manual explaining the possibilities and how to use the kit

User manual PCLAB2000SE
Manual explaining the kit’s software possibilities and how to use the kit.

Best regards,
Velleman Support

Thank you for answering.
I already got those manuals online. Servicing the function generator goes beyond my capabilities. I replaced the RAM chip but no success. RMA is not viable, as the device was purchased on ebay.
PCG10 is a great device, especially in combination with the PCS500 scope, but it is time to switch to newer models.
Best regards.