Remove nozzle in situ?

The guide for removing the nozzle ( seems to involve quite a bit of dismantling an extra power supplies/temp probes. Is it not possible to just remove it from the print head whilst it is still attached to the printer? This would make heating for reassembly more straightforward.


But the angle sensor would trigger the printer into fault mode and deactivate everything.

It’s actually the print head inside the large silver finned heatsink that is blocked with molten PLA. The fan on the back does not appear to be functioning :frowning:

How can a clear it out and how do I get a replacement fan? I’ve only had the printer a week.

To avoid being DenverCoder9, my printer is finally 58% of the way through it’s first print of the keyring. Following the video for changing the nozzle, I stripped down the print head. I found that the heater is threaded onto a part that is threaded into the heatsink. I extracted this and found it was blocked. A little bit of heat and a stiff wire cleared it out. Re-assembled with a new nozzle and the fan appeared to work again :man_shrugging: Loaded up some PLA and away it goes…

It is possible to remove the nozzle without disassembly.
It isn’t easy but works.

  • switch off the printer
  • disconnect the rods
  • take a metal grip tool(vise grip) and place it on the bed, grip the heating block and make sure the head is leveled.
  • switch on the printer and bring the head up to temp
  • remove the nozze with the required tool, watch out that you do not burn yourself on your tool.
  • repeat in reverse order to tighten the nozzle.
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