Remove nozzle from heatblock

Hi guys,

I want to change the nozzle in the heatblock. But the old nozzle is sitting really tight, because the screw, which hold the block in place, was tighten to hard and the heatblock hold the nozzle in place.

How do you change nozzles? Some one an easy trick to make the gap on the side bigger, that the force from the heatblock on the nozzle isnt that much.

I pry a sharp knife between the gap thats on the side where the screw is used to tighten it.

So just clamp a hard metall between the gap and use the lever rule.

In my opinion this is a really bad construction and could be solved way easier. I dont want to play doctor every time i want to change the nozzle.

Well… don’t tighten that screw that hard… And sand the block a little on the inside. But when I start to rotate the block a few times around the nozzle it comes of pretty easy… Not really rocket science just find something that works best for yourself…

I didnt tighten it that hard, only that much that the block could move around the nozzle. But over time the nozzle is sitting better and better. Also may some filament fill the fine gaps.
The trick with the sanding is a very good idea. Will definitly do that.