Remote stereo volume control kit

I’m looking for a velleman kit, to remote control my stereo.

I need a IR remote control (allready found one, mk162)

And I need a IR reciever, to control the stereo volume (2x 100Ka)

I cant find the right kit for this.

I want to build a stereo hifi tube amp, with an integrated volume control.

Which Kit is perfect for IR volume control reciever???


Sorry, we no longer carry an IR volume control.
If you have a motor driven stereo potmeter, you could use the MK162 as receiver.

Ok, but the mk162 is not a reciever, its the transmitter(remote control)
If I used a motorised alps pot, do you have a reciever/driver for the motor?

Sorry, I meant MK161.
You will need to solder wires to the NC pins of the MK161 relay, as they are not provided on the PCB.
This diagram shows how to wire the relays (allow 1h for server update):

That will work for me. The alps motor pot works on 4V-6V.
I will provide power, from the heater supply. Thats 6.3V ac which I can make into 8,1 V DC (plus or minus)
Then I can provide the relais with 4,5V (standard working voltage for the pots).
I guess, that will work fine.

Oops, its a little bit different I see.
Will the relays work with 8,8V DC? (full wave rectified from 6,3V AC)

maybe i could replace the relais with 5V types… but I’ll have to check the current they draw

Most likely it will not work reliable with 8V8.
Maybe you could use 6V relays.

I’ve made a volume control with MK161 and MK162. Now the problem is that the pulse mode switches only for a short period, even if the button on the MK162 remains pressed. Is there a way tho change this behaviour so that the relay is active as long the button on the remote is pressed?