Remote Screen Control


I have a motorised projector screen (mains motor), which is currently operated with a 3-way rocker switch (up, stop and down). I’d like to operate it using my Harmony remote (infra red). Can anyone suggest the cheapest and simplest way of doing this?


The MK161 could do the job.

Logitec database features codes for Velleman MK162/K8049/K8051 codes.
These codes can be learned to the MK161 receiver.

[quote=“VEL417”]The MK161 could do the job.

Thanks, I have seen that and it looked ideal. But it says that the relays can switch up to 24VAC. My motor runs on 240VAC. Can the relays be replaced with mains rated ones?

Yes, that should be no problem, VR15M121C or VR5V122CN is a possible choice. These are bigger so they won’t fit on the pcb although…

Thanks. I assume the relays are the only components which need to be replaced?

I can just solder longer legs onto them so I can bend them to fit.

Yes, only the relays.
Perhaps you better mount the relays not on this PCB because the tracks could be to short to each other: as far as I remember (but check yourself for safety reasons!) you need a minimal distance of 4 mm with 230 Volts. So it is better to connect the 230 V wire directly on the relay and connect the coil of the relay with wires to the PCB.
230 Volts can be lethal. PLEASE use common sense, be very careful and isolate everything thoroughly.

Got it. Not to worry, I’ve worked with mains voltage many times. I’m always careful.

Thanks for the help.

Ok, live long and prosper then :wink:.