Relationship between K8067 output current and measured temp

I have purchased a K8067 hoping to use it with an Anders OEM33 to display temperature in degrees Celcius.
Datasheet for OEM33 is here
I cannot find anywhere in the K8067 manual how the 20mA output of the K8067 varies with respect to temperature.
Like is 0mA equal to 0°Celcius or is it 0°Kelvin… and what is 20mA equal to? Is the releationship between current and temperature linear.
Any advice on how to set up the 2 items to work together to display, say, from -20°C to 50°C would be gratefully received.
Many thanks.

The K8067 temp. sensor generates an output of 0…5V or 0…10V for -20…+70°C
Please check the manual of the K8067 on pages 11…13, it explains how the convert the output current into °C.
Please note that this requires calculations (i.e. software). You cannot simply connect it to a digital voltmeter.