Recommended improvements?


I’m a new K8200 owner and new on this forum, got mine last week, assembled it and got it working rather nicely after a few days of tweaking, testing and tweaking again… :slight_smile:
But now I was wondering which improvements or modifications the more experienced users would recommend?
For example, I’ve been thinking about adding a fan nozzle, does that really make a difference in printing quality? And what makes it better than the original? Which type of nozzle would you recommend? And what stl files did you use for printing them?
The main things I’m thinking about changing are the following: the fan nozzle, a different hotend and changing the z-axis so it moves smoother. If you think of anything else that could improve my printer, feel free to say it as well.

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

As you probably already know, there are lots of improvements available. Best I can recommend is to spend some time in this forum and also do a search at Thingiverse. Huge collection of ideas and parts to be found at both places.

As far as the fan nozzle, YES! The stock power supply has a hard enough time keeping the heat bed warm and when the fan starts blowing it is just about maxed out. With the fan nozzle the air flow is directed at the part being printed and not just blowing a bunch of air at the heat bed. The stock nozzle works fine and does a much better job of making most vertical prints than without it.

One of the biggest improvements I made was adding in a second 24 volt power supply for the heat bed. The heat up time went from close to 30 minutes to FIVE minutes. Yes, it makes that much difference. It is a big time saver and should relieve some of the stress from the stock supply. You will find lots of good ideas about how to add the second power supply in the forum. I did the simple approach that does not use any additional circuitry. So far it has worked perfect and that is with about 100 hours of use after the modification so it works and is simple.

Good luck and welcome to the K8200 fanatics.

Hello NightOwl and congrats on your k8200! I have mine now for about 6 months and have done a couple of mods.
First of all i reccomend you get the E3D v5 hotend, this thing does wonders. Its a small investment but trust me when i say that this is money well spent! I used to have aaalot of overhang and strings on my prints. The E3D v5 solved all of that, the E3D have also removed the smell? When i used to print with the stock extruder my whole basement would smell like a plastic factory, and again. The E3D have solved that, no more smell!

I would also highly recomend you print this : … 1497.l2648
These two items will reduce the Z axis wobble that you will have with the stock.

If your having problems with your filament roll getting stuck or having a hard time move on the filament “rod” this is a nice mod that will let the spool move more freely :

I would recomend that you add a fan & heatsinks to the stepper motor drivers as mine gets really hot

Happy printing!