Reboot VM201 remotely?

Hi guys! Anyone know if you can reboot a VM201 remotely?
I have several of these placed quite far away, and sometimes they hang and I cannot access through port 80, neither remotely by opening ports, nor locally from the computer itself (if you let me access with the APP on the mobile) the only way to get them back to work is unplugging it and plugging it back into the network.
It’s a bummer because I access remotely for time programming, and I have them a long way from my house.
Can I restart them by means of a command? SSH, TCP … Something?
Thank you !


Did you Use the latest firmware? Please check the firmware.
The latest firmware for VM201 can be downloaded from here:

Firmware upgrade instructions:

Reboot command not possible for this device. But if it hangs the command also should not work, if it had this feature.

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Hello, if all the boards that we have (15 in total) have the latest version of firmware 1342. And they are all on different networks with different operators. It is no coincidence, as I told you the part of access through port 80 stops working, you run out of the web panel.

Hello @Zyklon-B,

Via a command (via software) it’s not possible.

A solution for a restart can be done via a hardware solution and a time schedule.

You could reset the CPU (processor) at a certain time everyday (via schedule in software),
by connecting a relay on CH8 to the reset switch SW10.

Hope this will help you further.

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Velleman Technical Support

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Hello, the truth had not occurred to us. It’s a great idea. making a bridge between the reset switch and the relay for example 8, we program it every day at 3 in the morning for example, and that’s it. Sparkly.

Nice to here this will help you further. :slight_smile:

Give it a try. If there are still issues, you can report it. I hope not. :wink:

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