Reading oscilloscope data from PC (Windows)

I would like to get the oscilloscope data into Python, even in the case the oscilloscope is connected via Wifi and not by USB.
Is there an interface to manage that?



It’s possible to connect to the WFS210.
Just connect to ip on port 2000.
And send and parse the data that is described in the protocol manual here

The source code of the iOS app could help you with the development of your program.

Thank you very much for the information.
The manual was quite helpful for getting the connection to the WFS210 running.
However there are some things, that are still unclear to me:
i.) I can define the settings for recording and would like to implement a software trigger for data acquisition. Is this possible?
ii.) When I send settings, afterwards a data request and afterwards start receiving the data, it looks like there is still arriving old data from the WFS210 (but settings are already changed).
What is the best way to find the data which have been recorded after my settings change?
iii.) When I choose the roll mode and measure a sinusoidal wave, there are sometimes voltage jumps in the data (meaning that probably acquisition was stopped in between). Is it possible
to get an “absolute” timeline from the received data, so I can see how long acquisition was stopped?
iv.) What happpens, when the connection is slowing down? Do measurements get discarded or does the oscilloscope send the data, when the connection is up again?

Hello, did you succeed to implement into python? Would you be willingly to share the code for doing that?