Re: MK138 configuration for a cooling fan

Hi All,
I ordered a MK138 module to assist with amplifier cooling in my car. I saw 2 wiring diagrams in the Velleman site; one for heating and another for a low temperature alarm.
I have not gotten the unit for the seller as yet so I’m not sure what is included with the module.
I was wondering if anyone has either done this, or has the knowledge to do this, and has the wiring diagram for this specific application?
I’m pretty much a noob at this stuff but can trace a diagram and solder.

Thanx in advance for any help,

bonjour je vous contacte car j’utilise un thermostat vellaman mk138 mais je ne comprend pas exactement comment le faire fonctionner. ce pourquoi j’aimerai si vous avez réussi a l’utiliser vous poser quelques question a ce propos