RE: K8055 with C#

i am currently doing a project with K8055 using C# to program. however i got no idea how to begin. can anyone tell me or guide me in this please

First you can download the latest software package for the K8055.
Here is the link to download page: … code=K8055
Download the: “Complete SDK Pack (Rev 4.0)”.

The package includes new K8055D.DLL and sample projects written in various programming languages. - Visual C# example is included.
Pleas read the “README.TXT” and the “K8055 & VM110 Getting Started.pdf”.

when i launch microsoft visua studio, after i select C# which project should i select to program this? i am hoping to do a graphic user interface and programming. the same as what the same shows.

In the Examples folder go to the subfolder \K8055DemoVC#_2008\K8055Demo.
There open the K8055Demo.sln (or just double click it).

i cannot open the file. they say the project file or web has been moved, renamed or is not on your computer

Did you extract the downloaded ZIP package before trying to open the K8055Demo.sln file ?

You may also try the file K8055Demo.csproj.

now i can open the files however it is just plain like empty project am i suppose to click from the solution explorer? my solution explorer is missing how can i turn on it? thank you very much!

Select View menu and there Solution Explorer.

ok! thank you very much! is working now!