RCQC2: propellers don't work, unable to pair


First of all, I have no clue if this is the correct thread or not.

I’ve bought the RCQC2 quadcopter today, put new batteries into the remote, double checked polarity. Charged the quadcopter using my mobile phone charger (iPhone charger) until the led on the charging cable lit up again.

Turned on the quadcopter, turned on the remote, put the throttle joystick (the left one) to the back. The remote made a beeping sound.
The leds on the quadcopter are flashing (± 700-1000 milliseconds interval)

I turned on the throttle, nothing happened on the quadcopter.
I checked the manual, and tried to reset the quadcopter/remote pairing.

  1. turned on the quadcopter
  2. put the throttle handle all the way down
  3. turned on the remote: I heard a beep on the remote
  4. turned the throttle and the ‘manoeuvre’ joystick all the way to the bottom-right hand side (there’s a discrepancy between the English and the Dutch manual btw: in the English version they have to go to the bottom-right, in the Dutch manual, they have to go to the bottom-left side.) I heard 2 short beeps. The leds on the quadcopter remained flashing in the same way.

Obviously, the propellers still don’t work.

What am I doing wrong with the pairing?
What else can I try to make it work?

Normally this forum isn’t for Velleman consumer products (not developed by the internal R&D).
But because we have a similar product. I’ll assist you.
You indeed did the steps correctly.
But when you turn on your remote. It should beep and the quadcopter should be flashing.
And after a second or 2 there should be an another beep. Then the quadcopter is paired.
You don’t have to pull the throttle the bottom-right or bottom-left. That’s for recalibration.