Question about Vellman K8098 Kit

HI all,
Just a quick question.
I do sound installs for a number of companies and I’ve been looking at the Velleman K8098 - Audio Analyser Electronic Kit as a smaller substitute for a 19" rack behringer analyser I’m currently using.
From looking at the spec’s, this will work fine for a home system, as the unit connects direct to the output of the amp, due to the output being relatively low, but my question is this.
Can this kit be used as an analyser for connection to a specialist phantom powered mic (in my case a behringer ECM8000) instead of being connected directly to the amps outputs, as is the case in the instructions?
If this is possible, the size of my test rig will be massively be reduced and save a lot of messing about, as I could integrate everything into a small flight case.
Any help would be appreciated