Question about vellerman VM134 K8076 in PicProg2009 softwa


i am french so sorry for my english language. I come here to share my realized projects with VM134 and ask questions about VM134 K8076
So, i want to program pic : PIC10F220 or PIC10F222 .
But i can not choose PIC10F220 or PIC10F222. in PicProg2009 software : indeed when i open PicProg2009 (or PicProg2006) PIC10F220 or PIC10F222 do not appear but i see PIC10F220 or PIC10F222 only in folder PicProg2009\Include:

so how, please, can i do to show or see PIC10F220 or PIC10F222. in PicProg2009 software


It looks like those chips are not supported by the software.
I have seen where others have used Winpic.
I have not used it myself but it may help.
This would be at your own risk.

Thanks for your answer

as I said, I have yet seen the PIC10F220 in the following folder:
" PicProg2009—> Include" (in this software’s folder we can see PIC10F200 to 206 but also pic10F222 and pic10F220)