Question about the tensile strength

Hello, I’m not 100% sure if this thread is in the correct section. I couldn’t find any proper section for this. At the moment I’m writing my bachelor thesis about 3D printer. We have several 3D printer at our university. One of this is the K8200.
One topic of the thesis is the comparison of the tensile strength between the different printers. So I printed myself some tensile specimen on every printer. The question is now, what is the tensile strength of the unprinted PLA from Velleman. Can you give me some value? I only find some common values on the internet which were about 10-60MPa which is very imprecise.
About an information from the Velleman support would be great.

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I can’t reply to your question but out of sheer curiosity, what kind of tensile specimen do you print?

I have used the normal DIN for plastic. The dimensions are 150x25x1 mm.

Hi Jan,

I printed some dogbone samples as well (with flexPLA) and tested them, but I was more interested in rough numbers like elongation at fracture. As for “normal” PLA, the properties differ a lot depending on e.g. color. Which variant did you use?