Question about Oscilloscope "PCSGU250"

Dear development support,

we are trying to develop our own application for Oscilloscope “PCSGU250” for a university project. So we wanted to ask, with wich programming language is the Oszilloscope programmed and if there is a own library for programming the Oszilloscope and of course if we can have this library??
It would be also helpful, if we can get the contact data of your Custmer support in Germany!!

Much thanks

The PcLab2000LT is written in Delphi.
I’m sorry no source code library is available.
The only way to communicate with the PCSGU250 hardware is to use the functions in the PCSGU250.DLL.

In this thread there are a lot of questions and answers concerning the use of the DLL:

Thanks alot for your reply