Question about measuring with the PCSU1000

Im a newbie to oscilloscopes and am working on a project where Im travelling through the service manual of a video mixer to repair and get it up and running. There are many adjustments that seem to not fly with my new Vellman. . . . I thought perhaps someone could give me some help. The service manual is showing many things that require what appears to be ledge, or stairstep waveform adjustments…i need to adjust the width of various elements of these various stairstep waveforms.
Trouble is, when I put the probe in the selected Test-Point I am experiencing readings that appear only
as wave-forms. I am thinking there must be something I can do to change these settings so I can read…for example, a color bar test pattern in the video signal that looks like this-

[color=#FFFFFF]…[/color] ___

and not like this (or typical spike waveforms)

can someone give me some suggestions?


You can get the stairstep waveform displayed on the oscilloscope screen by selecting proper Time/Div setting and using the trigger option.
Adjust the trigger level to get the line sync pulse triggering.

Here an example image captured from a DVD player composite video output (PAL standard):

Using a television signal test generator, you should see a waveform like this:

NTSC Composite signal.