Python server to handle communications with velleman boards


I am planning to buy Velleman cards for house domotic project.
I am choosing Velleman because of the large choices of computer connected cards with a good price and they already have library working on Linux.

As I will use domogik project, I will need to write a plugin in python for domogik (xPL and web server for home automation)
And as I think to use mix K8055/K8055 and maybe K8090 and I like how ipx800 is working and also the K8055 network daemon I find for linux (making a K8055 card avalaible on all the network by client-server communication)

So I have choose to create a project to do this :
a web server that will send commands by understanding the URL requested

An exemple :
->the web server will send a get on the second analog input of first K8055 card

This must be possible with the following :
a file for each Velleman card (K8000,K8055,K8056,K8061,K8090)
a config file (for configuration of which card is where, what port to listen and maybe login part later)
a (that launch a web server using the config file for parameters and use the libk8000, libk8055 … for handle the request on card)

This will make a computer with velleman cards can be order from all over the network, simple to manage as a standalone or for a domogik plugin for exemple

So for now we are only at the beginning, this is what I get :
C code for K8000, K8055, K8056, K8061
Python code for K8056
Maybe a real software engineer and me (I don’t count me as a real software engineer)

What I plan :
Starting a project on launchpad to get a management system of source code and ppa for installation of packages (avalaible as a GPL)
Write all in Python (no compilation and can be used everywhere, like on ARM computer I want to use for domotic)

What I miss :
Some type of cards for test (I plan to buy K8055 and K8056 for starting, but I don’t think to buy K8000 or K8061 because of price/out/input and K8090 don’t have any informations about Linux), so if you have velleman cards and interested by the project join us
More people to write python code to be easier and quickier

NB : je suis francais (ca se voit à mon mauvais anglais) si ca peut aider certains pour la communication. Je crois que le staff Velleman parle francais aussi, donc si le projet pose un problème au niveau de Velleman ou au contraire n’hésitez pas à me joindre dans cette langue

What about our Velbus domotic system?

Why not Velbus ?
1-What I see of software for velbus is : Windows only (not compliant to my needs) and working with .NET (that’s a no way for me to use it)
2-I will have to use other products (as weather station, asterisk for interphone …) so for me better have a simple product to integrate a complete management solution (like Domogik)
3-For cost reason and “geek” way of life, I’m type of customer wants “to do” for better understanding and control, don’t need to have integrated solution (and more expensive)
4-No “bus” for communication in my wishes, computer will manage the system from central, access to give order will be done directly by web-based interface (nowadays, tablet and smartphone have become so common I go to get control of house by an web interface that can be access through a tablet pc dedicated under Android (Chrome), 2 smartphones under Android and computers with Linux(Firefox) and maybe a Google TV with Chrome)

So that’s why I manage to have a web server to handle orders on network and follow them to any Velleman cards connected. This will be usefull in domotic but also any other project related to Velleman card (actually I already have a web server that can create an order with understanding the URL, next step use the libk8056 to send these orders to relay)